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Where is Sylmar Flight Park?
The Sylmar Flight Park (landing zone) is located north of Los Angeles off the 210 freeway in the city of Sylmar. The Park is open daily from 8 AM until dusk.

Click here for a map and driving directions to Sylmar Flight Park.

How do I get to launch?
Kagel Mountain is located in the Angeles National Forest. The road to launch is a gated unimproved fire road off Little Tujunga Canyon Road. Visiting pilots must contact a current SHGA member for access to the road. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended. Most pilots meet in the Flight Park (landing zone) and carpool to launch from there.

Launch is at about 3,540' MSL, or about 2,200' AGL, so there is plenty of altitude to spare for a great flight. Sylmar is an inland desert flying site, with thermals and turbulence as strong as one will find anywhere. Wind direction is typically from the south during the day and switches to the north near sunset. There is a dirt ramp for south launches and a saddle for paragliders. The SHGA landing zone is an easy glide from launch and there are several streamers in the LZ.

What is required of a pilot to fly at Kagel?
- Current USHPA membership (card must be carried by the pilot).
- Understanding and demonstration of SHGA Rules, Guidelines, Site Dangers, and landing pattern.
- Hang/para glider pilots must be rated H/P-3 (Intermediate) or higher.
- H-2 (Novice) hang glider pilots and P-2 (Novice) paraglider pilots may fly if under the direct supervision of, or signed off by a local SHGA designated instructor.


Can I fly at Kagel if I'm not a SHGA member?
No, but we offer a $10 monthly membership. Visiting pilots must also meet the requirements listed above.

What is the local 2 meter ham radio frequency?
Most pilots fly with their radios tuned to 147.580 MHz.


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