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BS2015 Task 3

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:53 pm    Post subject: BS2015 Task 3 Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Day 3 Task 3
It started out bad but ended pretty well. Woke up to find the motel was without water. No Breakfast no brushing teeth, no washing face, no toilet. A water main broke up the street and every place north of the freeway was without water. I skipped breakfast because I wanted to set up my glider to let it dry from the rain we went through on the ride home last night. I figured I could eat lunch out of the catering truck at the airport. After the 11 oíclock pilot meeting I went to the truck and it was closed. They called another pilotís briefing at 1 to confirm the morning overcast would continue to dissipate. It did but they called another meeting at 2 to confirm the ground would heat up enough to produce thermals. Yesterday almost everyone had to relight. Today they doubled the start cylinder to 10k. The ground wasnít heating up fast enough so they postponed the start to until 4:10. With all the meeting it left no time to go into town for lunch. When the launch window opened it was blowing 10-15 mph. That means donít you dare fall out of a thermal because you might find yourself too far downwind to even get back for another tow. Robin Hamilton and I found ourselves in just such a predicament. He headed back. I was a little higher and kept struggling. It paid off and I climbed in 150 up that lasted for 15 minutes without putting me outside the circle. I flew alone for the rest of the flight only catching site of another glider twice. I went on final glide from 7 miles out with a required L/D of 20 to 1. I expected a tail wind but the head wind component was -4. It didnít matter because by then it was about 7pm and there werenít any thermals. I had forgotten about the late start. I landed about 3 miles from goal and placed 10th for the day.
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