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Laser research at Table Mountain

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2022 5:12 pm
by Ken Andrews
For those rare days when pilots fly between Sylmar and Crestline, it's worth being aware that NASA is starting to conduct laser communications research at Table Mountain, near Wrightwood. This was briefly issued as a NOTAM, but is now documented as a Special Notice in the Southwest United States Chart Supplement ( ... 220324.pdf, page 417). It says:
Table Mountain, California
Laser research within an area defined the Table Mountain Observatory at Wrightwood, CA, located 342254N 1174058W. Operation is intermittent, with operations happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, propagating at an angle of 20 to 80 degrees. The area will be monitored and the laser beam terminated if aircraft are detected entering the affected area. This beam is injurious to pilots'/aircrews' and passengers' eyes. The Los Angeles ARTCC at 661-265-8205, is the FAA coordination facility.
To my surprise, I found a similar notice for Mount Wilson:
Mt Wilson, California
Laser research will be conducted at Mt Wilson, CA, 341329N 1180321W or the Pomona /POM/ VORTAC 288 degree radial at 16 NM at an angle of 10 to 85 degrees, from the sfc-unl. This beam will be terminated if aircraft enter the affected area. This beam may be injurious to pilots'/aircrews' and passengers' eyes. Southern California /SCT/ approach telephone number 858- 537-5894 is the FAA coordination facility.
I'm pretty confident that the lasers at Table Mountain are much bigger and scarier than those at Mount Wilson.

Contact: Marcum Martz, Laser Safety Officer, 626-375-6556,, for more information.