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Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:57 pm
by Bob Kuczewski
dhmartens wrote:
Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:56 am
My return to flight date might be January 3rd.
Well .... did you fly?

Sorry if I missed your post in some other topic.

Re: Calling USHPA's Bluff

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:51 pm
by dhmartens
The court added 60 days to the disposition of the Lancaster Airport in this 42 month process. However I am back for more Wondrous Stories while I regroup.

Wait a minute, there are no trees at the North Pole.

Maybe Santa's workshop is in Antarctica along with a secret ufo base that harassed the Capital in 1952.

We have sent an expedition to Antarctica to scout a new flying site.

I will still attempt a return to flight.
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Re: Calling USHPA's Bluff

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:55 am
by dhmartens ... res-2019-1

Parts of the US are colder than Antarctica as a frigid polar vortex brings temperatures of minus 30 degrees

So base jumping and bat suiting in Antarctica is warmer than Hang Gliding the Warren Dunes near Chicago.

Break dancing has been added to Paris 2024 Olympics ... 4-olympics

Has speed Gliding been added to Los Angeles 2028 Olympics?

Re: Calling USHPA's Bluff

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:57 am
by dhmartens
The earth quake was caused by the Sylmar triangle Stargate being left in the "on" position after Whitney Houston somehow release a new song from the "Other Side" after she passed during a "Hang gliding weather event". Its also strange that her song "Higher Love" could be interpreted that pilots love to gain altitude.

Kygo, Whitney Houston - Higher Love (Audio)

Explanation of Stargate causing earthquake.
After gating to a world on the edge of a black hole, the S.G.C. cannot disengage the Stargate -- threatening all of Earth with a time-distorting gravity field.
" Six months later, the state of Colorado would collapse into the black hole’s gravity field. Six months after that …"

Stargate SG-1 02x16 - A Matter Of Time (HQ)

Re: Calling USHPA's Bluff

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 12:32 pm
by dhmartens
I've been engaged in a 3 front war but there is nearly verified victory on one front.
I witnessed the deed transfer papers being signed and now have seen a property tax bill.
The likelihood of the Antelope Acres flight park (the first USHAWKS flight park) being a reality is good.


We are going to need to work on drone towing.

The land owner briefly mentioned Ushpa type insurance would probably be a good idea.
It might even be possible Shga could administer the park to help reduce complexity.

The Antelope Acres solar ranch will act as a man-made thermal generator.

You have to pass the tests and simulator before the flight school will accept you.

Unrelated, this porter ranch park could become a flying site. ... s-history/

We can all agree it is an interesting sky

Re: Calling USHPA's Bluff

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:09 pm
by dhmartens
(My longest post in history)
Its all about 1984.
I may have won the war on all three fronts that have been limiting my hang gliding ability.
Confidence will increase as more information becomes available.

We know the story of the 1984 Rockband Syntax traversing the Sylmar Stargate Triangle to Feb 2012
and landed on top of Famous Musician "Jan Burton" and destroyed his career.
(He was as famous as Elvis in the other timeline)
(wicked witch of the east)
(Jan Burton)
We are working to restore Jan Burton.

But What happened in 1984 to open the Stargate?

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)
In 1943, the United States tests an anti-radar system to make the U.S. Navy ships invisible to the enemy.
Dr. James Longstreet uses his experiment in the destroyer escort USS Eldridge that disappears from Philadelphia.
The sailors David Herdeg and his best friend Jim Parker are projected to 1984.

Philidelphia experiment

what happend in 1984
hang gliding videos:

Hang Gliding World Altitude Record - 36,700 feet June 1984

1984 Masters of Hang Gliding Championships - Backside / Frontside

Testing 1984 vintage hangglider Clubman 160

Hang Gliding BVI(British Virgin Islands) 1984

Ewoks Hang Glide (filmed Summer 1985)

An Oscar winning Hang Gliding movie "Up" from 1984 is erased from this timeline.

Reference material:
1984 Story and Analysis in 9 min (with Subtitle)

Philidelphia Experiment 2 movie
Another disasterous experiment in 1993 sends a stealth aircraft through the time portal,
into 1943 Germany. Simultaneously, Herdeg is pulled into the portal, and finds himself in
the terrifying 1993 that resulted from a Nazi victory in World War II.

A Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later

Al Bielek - Time Traveler Who Claims To Have Visited The Year 2749

Re: Calling USHPA's Bluff

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 6:17 pm
by dhmartens
The Army released a photo realistic artist rendering of the new B-21 Raider and yes, it looks like a Hang Glider.
Image ... omber.html

Airbus is experimenting with Blended wings and yes, it looks like a Hang Glider.
Image ... craft.html

Paragliding occurs in nature with Flying Spiders.
How Spiders Use Electricity to Fly | Decoder

Injured or have medical problems? Just watching the next video could heal you of your medical problems.
(**Warning Religious content**)
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** Note Para gliding is beating out Hang gliding 5 to 1 in every issue of Ushpa's magazine's ratings section, But at least hang gliding ratings are increasing so there will be no lawsuit against Ushpa while the sport of Hang Gliding is growing.