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Mid-Feb Hook-In Failure

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:51 am
by Frederick
"Hook in failure revisited
I did it again. In the setup area I hooked my harness in before getting into it. I separated the four straps (each side for main and backup), put the carabineer around two of them, and locked the gate. I gave two more visual inspections. Yes, two straps going through the carabineer and it was locked. On launch my nose man asked me if I was hooked in. I answered with a firm yes because I was certain. By the end of the ramp I could tell something was weird. I tumbled off the end thinking my glider was tumbling with me. After the motion stopped and I stood up, I didn’t see my glider. I looked at my carabineer and it was still locked. I must have put it around both straps of only one loop. My eye saw what my brain expected it to see. A physical hang check would have caught my error."