Flight restrictions Monday-Wednesday, 6-14 to 6-16

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Flight restrictions Monday-Wednesday, 6-14 to 6-16

Post by gregangsten » Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:01 pm

In short: Do not fly before noon on these days.

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From: Joe Greblo <hanggliderguy@gmail.com>
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Subject: Fire Dept Training Exercises next week.

Hi All,

The LA County Fire Dept will be conducting a rather large training exercise 3 days next week and are asking for our cooperation.
The exercise will take place in the mountains and foothills on the west side of the Pacoima Reservoir and will include significant ground operations, as well as helicopter water drop operations from both LA City and LA County Fire Departments.

This exercise is independent the Forest Service recent request to use our club l/z for a community presentation of their “Wildfire Simulation” analysis tools, yet to be scheduled.

We are currently being “asked” to limit our hang gliding this coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to after 12:00 pm or 1200 hrs.
Please see the attached flyer for more details.

I’ve also been asked to make a “check-in” telephone call to their operations commander after 11:30 am each day to make certain their operations will indeed cease by noon, and receive their blessing to begin flying from Kagel. During that call,I will also learn whether there will be any hang gliding or paragliding restrictions on the west side of the dam after we receive the go ahead to begin our flight operations.

We are also not yet certain of which water sources the helicopters will be using for their water drops. It’s not expected that they will be using the Pacoima Reservoir. More likely will be other sources either east or west of our launch site.

I’ve assured the Operations Commander that we are most willing to comply with their request, so I need to make sure we take the necessary steps to do so.

I’ll maintain ongoing communication with the Commander and keep the club informed of anything of significance.

I’d like to ask Rob to post the attached flyer on the club website home page and make reference in the Events section of the Forum. To make sure all of our pilots and instructors have plenty of advance notice, and to also devise a method to ensure our pilots are complying with this request.

Please direct any flight operations questions directly to me and not to the contact listed on the attached flyer.


Joe Greblo
Government and Community Liaison
Sylmar Hang Gliding Assoc.

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