Time For Next Year's Model

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Time For Next Year's Model

Post by JT » Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:29 pm

The Board has approved a few items at my request:

1) The existing gazebo may be moved or demolished as soon as we receive word that it is not going to cause us difficulty with the grading inspector. Our volunteer contractor specified that this would clear the area for a formal elevation survey.

There has been a great deal of talk about temporarily relocating the structure and the Board has designated the "barrio," near the newest tree, as the spot. The entire gazebo will not survive the move; we will temporarily leave behind the post that supports the electrical and water for construction use. The relocation is also temporary; the strcuture will be completely demolished at completion of new construction. The suggestion is to cut the remaining structure in half for the move.

Those interested in participating on a work party to plan a safe move, contact me. If there is no interest, I will solicit volunteers for demolition.

2) The barbecue is in the way. If someone has an idea for safe relocation and a reasonable place to put it, call me now. After a two week waiting period with no ideas, no place to put it or no volunteers, I will turn Joe and his toy loose on the slumpstone.

3) Moving the gazebo means vastly cutting back the flora in the area and, eventually, removal. If anyone has any desire to take the wisteria home with them, please speak up before the loader moves them to the green trash bin.

Any of the above you take on will be YOUR project with a little oversight from me to assure safety and the interests of the entire membership.

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