Looking for Kagel Launch Brush Cleanup Work Party

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Looking for Kagel Launch Brush Cleanup Work Party

Post by msoultan » Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:33 am

Hey Everyone,
I wanted to arrange a group to go up to the Kagel launch and help clear the brush down below launch. It's starting to get pretty tall and grab at Fred's feet ;)

The plan is to go up to launch early in the morning and mow down as much brush as we can at both the HG and PG launches. I was planning on renting a brush cutter (like a weed whacker, but with a blade) and bringing a friend's chainsaw. Andy says he has a weed whacker and if other people have power/hand tools that they can bring, that would be awesome. I'm thinking that if we're able to get a good crew up on the mountain, we can finish this in a couple hours and then go for a noon flight.

So, first, I'd like to get an idea of who can come, what power/hand tools you could bring, and let me know your availability for a Saturday or Sunday morning cleanup. Also, if you have a fire extinguisher that you can bring, please indicate that as well. I think Joe has a few, but I would rather have more to be on the safe side.

I'm thinking of going for this weekend (6/25-6/26), but it might be too soon to get a group together. However if I get enough people that are willing to help, I'll plan it. Otherwise I'm looking at doing it on the weekend of 7/9-7/10 because next weekend is fourth of July weekend.

I am planning on bringing the following:
- brush cutter
- chain saw (and chain saw oil)
- 5g of gas
- 2g of 2-stroke premix gas
- extra premix oil


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