What is one thing you can do for your LZ?

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What is one thing you can do for your LZ?

Post by greblo » Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:29 pm

What is your one thing you can do for your LZ?

Consider one of the following...

1) Zero Effort Work Party
2) Heed an Easy Request
3) Be a Super Star .

During this season of cool weather let us chip away at improving the view from and around our awesome bathroom and improve the fire protection perimeter of our neglected S.E. corner.

#1 Zero effort work party:
We need folks to not bring anything to the LZ unless arranged with Rob or Jay before brining it to the LZ

#2 An easy to heed request:
Bring only clean firewood ,already cut to fire ring size, no toxic wood or wood coated with paint etc. .

#3 Be a Super Star participant
Help cut to size the large stumps or any usable clean wood and stack it neatly.

Ask Rob or Jay if they need help with any LZ needs.

Let us obliterate the junky cumbersome wood pile little by little and build up a useful, attractive wood stack that will not be a fire hazard and attract un useful items.

Then we will ask one of the bulldozer cowboys to arrange the big rocks in an attractive way and someone will plant sunflowers.

Kris Greblo
LZ Care Bear
Safety is a book, not a word
Michael Robertson

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