"Gazebo Action Committee" Reports

Look here for ongoing projects and volunteer opportunities the SHGA is working on. Members may also submit any ideas they have.
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"Gazebo Action Committee" Reports

Post by SHGA Communications » Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:17 pm

"Gazebo Action Committee" Named

SHGA President Joseph Vandertol has named a Gazebo Action Committee made up of Jim Thompson, Jeff Chipman and Joe Greblo.

As you may have noticed, improvement or replacement of our current structure has emerged as the Number One priority for members. The preliminary ideas and suggestions aired on the forum reveal the breadth of imagination of the membership.

The job of the Action Committee is to sort through every recommendation, consider each with an open mind, leave no stone unturned, and make recommendations based on a careful analysis of club-member needs, ambitions, and realities.

The Action Committee will meet approximately weekly for the next month or so. In addition to the chairmen, the committee includes several other pilots with a strong personal interest and commitment to the process. If you feel you should be at these meetings, contact Joe Greblo immediately.

The committee wants to make sure that every single member of the club has the opportunity to be heard on the gazebo issue. To that end, Jim Thompson has set up a special email address:


Ideas, warnings, reminders, and offers to volunteer expertise are welcome and will be placed on the committee agenda.

Members are also encouraged to communicate with the committee leaders in person. Jim asks only that you write down your idea so it can be put on the agenda accurately. He says this is not necessary in the case of general condemnation, death threats, etc.

After each Gazebo Action Committee meeting, a progress report will be posted on the forum so members have an idea how things are going along. After making sure our ideas are known, the rest of us are invited to stand back and let the committee do its work.

In the end, we will all get to decide.

The following message contains the committee’s “Wish List� of member needs and ideas so far. You can add to the list here or at lazyshade@hotmail.com

--Posted by Christian
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Post by SHGA Communications » Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:30 pm

Gazebo Action Committee "wish list"

The committee compiled this list from members' ideas and comments. Please note that the proposal to enclose the space between the storage containers has been deemed a separate project, not part of the gazebo)

Wish List:
o concrete slab under the gazebo (keeps down on dirt and dust).
o the misters working
o observation deck
o radio box (2M) with speakers
o Extra power outlets
o Decent flooring (concrete only or concrete+tile/stone)
o cover the roof, corrugated plastic or aluminum
o low garden or teahouse benches, or patio type of seating to create some cozy clubhouse atmosphere inside (I’d like to fix the key pieces of it to the floor).
o put up some railing around the part of a perimeter or may be even some partial walls, 1 or 2 sides only, in order to:
o create a corner with information/bulletin board,
o power hookups,
o 2 meter radio,
o soda machine,
o payphone
o think there should be a permanent clean restroom.
o consider extending the Gazebo to provide shade between the existing Gazebo and the old Storage unit, about half the depth of the current Gazebo Extending the Gazebo roof would provide greatly needed shade for those working BBQ during Club events
o When you discuss LZ layout, just as a side note, please be aware that Kate is working to improve our existing gardens and I am working with Rome, Juan Corrall and others on a Bill Bennett memorial statue/plaque
o would include posts that are bolted above grade to galvanized steel post plates that are set into cocrete footings...with or without a concrete slab
o I want a place to get out of the wind and rain and initially I was thinking the gazebo could be rebuilt with that in mind (wanted container space enclosed if not)
o Cool in the summer
o Warm or at least sheltered in winter
o Able to hold clinics in
o Dry flooring
o Comfortable seating
o Easy to clean, low maintenance
o Open to the landing zone
o Sheltered from barbeque so smoke doesn't get in
o Perhaps some way to set up tables if food is being served
o Preserves at least some part of the Wisteria
o The most open decision is the size of the structure.
o Raised deck to accommodate under floor storage of gliders
o Harness storage – revenue?
o Enclosed area for clinics

 Sliding, sequentially extending doors to create an enclosed space ~ 3 sides? – to include a “club cornerâ€�
 Sun resistant wood or other materials
 Bi-level – some portion raised to provide an “observation deckâ€�, just not a roof top one and glider storage underneath
 Pre-fabricated gazebos.
 Consider a company called Sunsports International; they have really cool outdoor shading structures that would give our club a more permanent feel to visitors, neighbors & new pilots.

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Gone with the Wind style prefab Gazebo

Post by dhmartens » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:16 pm

I attended the Board meeting and presented the first Gazebo design so far. Malury said it looked like it was from "Gone with the Wind".
Its a prefab kit from Montana with selectable sizes.
I selected the 16 foot size that starts at $6,150.
It can withstand wind up to 140mph and isn't attached to the ground so it can be moved and doesn't require any concrete.

Doug Martens

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Post by SHGA Communications » Fri Feb 16, 2007 9:35 am

First Meeting Gazebo Action Committee

The need for a master plan for structure improvements topped the agenda last night at the first meeting of the SHGA Gazebo Action Committee, held at Jim Thompson’s house. Attending were Jeff Chipman, Joe Greblo, Mike Knapp, Rob Burgis and Richard Seymour.

The team intends to propose staged improvements in anticipation of future expansion and needs, and to conform with the BOD mandate to provide cost proposals of low, medium and high range.

“The least expensive may be a simple, covered deck,“ Thompson said. “The dimensions and construction would be such that more space, a lattice-covered patio, for instance, could be easily added, up to the potential level of a full-sized clubhouse.�

“What is important is that the foundations be built with an eye to expansion. We don’t want future members to find they need to tear this down to build; they’ll just add Lego blocks.�

�Even the least expensive proposal will incorporate elements that are basic to future construction and changes, anticipated or otherwise, to the LZ and club,� he said.

The committee intends to approach member architects for assistance with drawings, and continues to whittle down numerous member proposals into a summary of needs.

The door remains open for member ideas through lazyshade@hotmail.com or personal contact with team members. The full membership will approve any master plan.

“The team does feel urgency about this process,� Thompson said, “though not so much that we will make any major blunders trying to expedite the process. I want to see this started by summer, and whatever phase we all decide to complete, finished before the first Santa Anas.�

--posted by Christian

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Second Meeting, March 3

Post by SHGA Communications » Sun Mar 04, 2007 11:08 am

Second Meeting, Gazebo Action Committee, LZ, Sat. March 3

Club architect Hiro Matsunaga presented preliminary drawings for peaked-roof modular structures with integrated patio and service area.

Jesse Benson presented his high quality renditions of design work reflecting consolidated member ideas and BOD requirements.

Hiro will join forces with the existing work with a view toward feasability and cost projections.

Discussion touched on integrating glider storage in the design, making it attractive enough to attract new members and families, best use of space, incorporation of BBQ and patio areas, and the need to present a first phase that satisfies the majority of members.

Jim Thompson, Joe Greblo and Richard Seymour spoke to the need for a long view of club needs. Meanwhile, the short view was pretty unavoidable, since it was blowing 20-25 from the NW and under the buffeting gusts the current gazebo did not inspire confidence.

In winter, with the vines dormant, it appeared as a crooked pile of timbers rotted at the foot. Two members, rocking it, demonstrated that demolition will not be a large effort.

Joe Greblo reported being attacked by two pit bulls when investigating a vehicle in the wash at night. He demonstrated the stunt-man/gymnast karate kicks with which he fended off the frontal attacker, who came out of the darkness like Stephen King’s Cujo. However, the companion dog made a simultaneous attack from the rear, with the effect that Joe is temporarily sitting down with some caution.

“Bit you in the ass, huh?� the dog owner noted blandly. Instead of filing suit or going for his shotgun, Greblo explained how the owner had failed to foresee conditions in the landing zone, and recommended modifying his approach in the future.

Also attending the meeting were Andy Pryciak, Suprone Jim, Big Mike Knapp, Vrezh Tumanyan, Jay Devorak and Darrell.

--Posted by Christian

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Comments on Gazebo plan

Post by stebbins » Sat Mar 31, 2007 7:43 am

Jim (and all on the committee),

First, thanks for all the hard work. I know that getting input from a group as independent-minded as hang glider pilots tend to be is never easy. We all tend to think that we are right and everyone else is wrong. I offer my thanks and appreciation.

Now to my comments.

I really like option C. My only concern is the huge up-front outlay. Is it possible to build two of these sections this year and two more next year? If so, that would seem to make sense. If not, I'd still be inclined to select this option, but would be equally happy with option B.

I think that Option A is just too small, and doesn't give us any more storage. Let's go with something that will make the club a little money.

My opinion (and it is just that, and could easily be wrong) is that we are unlikely to fill 30 or 40 more storage tubes anytime soon. Even over the next 4 years. On the other hand, if we don't buy the tubes until needed, I'm sure we could fill 10-15 over the next few years. That would offset the cost of either option B or C enough that I think they beat option A hands down.

One last thought. If we need a CUP anytime in the next two years, we might need the money spent on Option C for that instead. I have advocated for getting the CUP soon for several years now, so that is a concern. On the other hand, if we are careful with our neighbors, maybe we can plan on the CUP after funds from storage have brought us back up to par in two years or so.

Those are my thoughts for now. I'll be out of town during the rest of the comment period, but might have more input as I think it over.
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Post by Steve Clark » Sat Apr 07, 2007 5:25 am

I'll open this post by saying that plan "C" seems to me to be the best idea. Being able to expand in the future opens up a lot of options such as, real bathrooms, a small kitchenette, or a nice club house where members can go and sit and "BS" about the days activities. I do have a couple of thoughts on the building plan though. First the positioning of the structure. Thinking of privacy of members and privacy of neighbors, that the pavilion might be built in sort of an "L" shape in the corner of the LZ providing an attractive barrier between lounging members and our very tolerant (for now) neighbors. Or, perhaps keep the pavilion facing North but extend a decorative wall several feet on the west side along the the edge of the LZ to create this privacy barrier.I know that most members would like to use vegetation on the hillside along the street to create this effect but no matter what is planted it will take years to achieve this.

I also have a suggestion on what we might plant on the hillside, my dad (Buddy Clark) used to have these very attractive plants growing in our front yard they were primarily green leaves with pretty orange flowers on them. They promoted pollination and humming birds, which are also pretty. These plants quickly became bushes which need to be trimmed now and then and created a very nice barrier between the house and the street. They are low water low maintenance plants. They are a form of "Honey Suckle".

Anyway, talk amongst yourselves.


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