Some SHGA Projects History

Look here for ongoing projects and volunteer opportunities the SHGA is working on. Members may also submit any ideas they have.
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Some SHGA Projects History

Post by SHGA Communications » Wed Feb 21, 2007 3:52 pm


Seems like we have our hands full at the moment with road repairs, the Gazebo, Oleanders, grass. And this isn't even flying season.
For perspective, newer members might take a look at the SHGA Newletter of May, 2000.
That year a whole new Kagel takeoff ramp was built and Windsports reopened Dockweiler Flight Park. The grass wouldn't grow, pilots flew too close to the shooting range, and yes--the windsock mast was vandalized, and repaired.

"High Times" Archives back to 1998, here: ... etter.html

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