The SHGA Gazebo Renovation Project is open for Comment

Look here for ongoing projects and volunteer opportunities the SHGA is working on. Members may also submit any ideas they have.
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Post by Vrezh » Fri May 25, 2007 8:44 pm

Like I give a shit...

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Post by stebbins » Sat May 26, 2007 9:14 pm

Vrezh wrote:Like I give a shit...
Such a well-reasoned and helpful reply. It is so clear and well-argued, that I'll have to change my opinion. How could anyone NOT change their minds after such a convincing argument?

By the way, on the way up the hill today, I had a conversation with another ex-BOD member. We talked about the fact that LA City Councilman Alarcon, who was elected to replace Councilman Padilla, is a huge fan of ours. He even went so far as to give a plug to some non-flying folks about how great hang gliding was for the local community and how it makes the area special. Maybe it is time to do that CUP, eh? What do we want, an engraved invitation?
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Post by skygeek AKA Seabass » Sun May 27, 2007 5:55 pm

I spoke to Hiro & Jim today about a design change to get rid of plan C's vertical supports & they were on top of it, if plan C goes through, for those of you that spoke up about the issue & did not know the plan, the frame will be made of box steel beams on the exterior walls to support the load of the roof structure eliminating the interior vertical supports, this will give the structure a much more open feel & still have the possibility of becoming a clubhouse.

I agree with George about asking now, but I think we should ask for more than we have been planing for, the plans should have the bathrooms in them so we can do it all at the same time, what good is a beautifull structure that makes us look more respectable if people are still pissing in the bushes.
The club pays for the gazebo & the club members should vote on raising the money ourselves to get the bathrooms done at the same time.

I would donate $500.00 & my time. ANYONE ELSE?

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Post by cgemme » Thu May 31, 2007 10:15 am

I'm for putting restrooms in when it's built. Can we start a restroom fund of some sort?

Can we watch our language also? Not just on launc or the LZ but the field but on these forums too. I know some fairly conservative people who might find hanggliding enjoyable but would be turned off some of the language I notice sometimes. We need all the support we can get!
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Patio Deck with storage tubes - Would this be worth it?

Post by gregangsten » Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:14 am

Repo Auction Saturday July 21, 2007 at 9am
(Rain date: Sunday July 22 at 9am)
Hang Gliding Equipment
These assets were Repossessed by the seller (Raven Hang Gliding,
Inc.) under a Court Order for Replevins from Thomas L. Thompson
aka "Tommy Thompson Sr." dba Free Flight Hang Gliding in Whitewater

Lot #1: 4 hang gliders, 1 tandem hang glider, one '89 mini van, one
golf cart, one utility trailer, six hang gliding training harnesses,
six helmets, and many associated small items.

Lot #2: 16'x20' patio deck with integrated storage tubes for 18 hang
gliders plus 24 more storage tubes for hang gliders. Each storage
tube is Schedule 40 PVC plumbing pipe, approx. 1' dia. X 20' in
length with end caps.

Note: This equipment has NOT been inspected since it was repossessed,
and is purchased/operated solely at buyer's risk. All equipment is
sold in "as-is" condition without warranty of any kind. Items will be
available for viewing and inspection between 6:30-8:30am on the day
of the auction (or earlier by appointment only).

Note: Each of the two lots will be auctioned and sold as a complete
lot. Individual items will NOT be sold separately. Minimum bid: $1500
per lot. A refundable deposit of $1500 (cash, certified check, money
order) must be made prior to bidding on each lot. No bids will be
accepted without a deposit. All bidders must submit a deposit, and
sign a Waiver of Liability and a Conditional Contract to Purchase (if
high bidder) prior to bidding. All bids must be made in person, no
electronic, telephone, or proxy bidding will be accepted. The deposit
submitted by the high bidder on each lot will be accepted as a non-
refundable down-payment toward the final purchase price of that lot.
Payment in full due within 7 days after auction ends.

Location: The auction will be held at N5602 Highway 89 in Richmond
Township (between Darien and Whitewater WI) at 9am on 7/21/07. For
further information: (262)903-8800 or Brad@... .

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