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Rides up Kagel

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2022 9:11 pm
by gregangsten
Looks like my previous posts here got deleted somehow so once again...

The loss of Steve Clark as a reliable driver to get us up the hill has made flying Kagel more problematic so I am submitting this plan in the hope that it would provide a way to improve the situation.

By now everyone should have received an invitation to load the Kagel Driver calendar in Google calendar. (If you did not and want one, email The purpose of the calendar is to both encourage pilots to volunteer as drivers and to provide a way to plan ahead so everyone has an opportunity to line up rides before showing up at the LZ. I am hoping that many of you are already familiar with Google Calendar and use it routinely but I know that many of you are not so I will try to explain how it can be used for us in this situation.

The Google Calendar app is loaded by going to (where you are logged in?) and clicking on the little 9 dot icon in the upper right corner to show the apps. Clicking on the calendar app opens your calendar. The default is for it to show your personal entries which you add by clicking on the appropriate time and day to enter events. Additional calendars can be added and some are shown on the panel on the left side of the calendar like holidays, phases of the moon, etc. If you click on the link to add the Kagel Driver calendar in the email you received, it should allow you to see any entries that have been made in this calendar and it should add this calendar to the list of available calendars shown in that panel. Each pilot will also have the ability to add entries and to edit existing entries.

I envision the calendar being used by pilots who are volunteering to drive for a day, either with their own vehicle or for someone else's. Pilots wanting to save a space on a posted ride can click on the specific calendar entry, then click the edit icon (the pen) which brings up the details of the posting. They can then add their name in the Comments section, saying they would like a ride. The calendar posting should include the number of pilots the vehicle can accommodate so people will be able to see when that number is reached and it is full. You can always click the ? icon at the top of the calendar for help from Google.

Note that individual calendars shown in the left side panel can be turned on or off by clicking their check boxes so that their events are shown or not shown on the displayed calendar page. The important thing to understand about these calendars is that they are all individual meaning that an entry for the Kagel Driver calendar must be added to that one specifically and not just to your personal calendar. The default is always for new events that you add to go to your personal calendar. If you wish to enter an event on the Kagel Driver calendar, you can do it in one of two ways:
First way
1. click off the check box for your personal calendar so that only the Kagel Driver calendar is active.
2. Make you additional entry on the calendar which will then go into the KD calendar now and not into your personal one. You can bring up the details of the entry and you will see there that the entry is going into the KD calendar.
2nd way,
If you enter the event in your personal calendar, you can click on the event to bring up the details and then click on the 3 dots icon at the top. This will give you the option to copy the event to the Kagel Driver calendar where it can be seen by everyone who has that calendar loaded.

Remember that items added to your personal calendar will only be seen by you. Items added to the KD calendar can be seen by all the pilots so don't make the mistake of adding your Dental appointment to the KD calendar.

If all this is too much to bear or you are stuck, you can call me (310 213 2139) or email

Re: Rides up Kagel

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2022 9:43 pm
by gregangsten
I've gotten some understandable complaints about too many notifications. Please know that you can turn off any or all notifications regarding this calendar if you wish. You can also turn off the display of this or any other particular calendar by clicking the name of the calendar (Kagel Driver calendar) in the list on the left side of the window. If you click the 3 dot button on that same calendar you can go to settings and change the notification options (Other notifications) or remove the calendar completely if you wish.

Re: Rides up Kagel

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2022 7:56 pm
by TNT
I don't currently have a vehicle to transport multiple gliders up to Kagel, but would gladly volunteer to be a driver now and then. Ken, I emailed you for a link to the Google calendar.

Re: Rides up Kagel

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2022 11:54 am
by gregangsten
TNT Tim, if you want access to the Driver calendar, just email me,, since I don't really know who TNT is. I need the email you use for any club stuff to send the invite.