Prepare for Spring Flying Conditions

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Prepare for Spring Flying Conditions

Post by greblo » Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:44 pm

Tips from your Safety Director
Spring has arrived and along with it, more unstable more turbulent flying conditions. We normally see an increase in accidents this time of year as some pilots are slow to recognize the added dangers and flight planning necessary to fly safely. Look for more turbulence during take-offs, approaches and landings, and plan your flight speeds accordingly. Consider going up the hill later in the afternoon to avoid the stronger gusts, lift and sink of Spring and summer. Reduce your workload and other risk factors during launches and approaches by avoiding hand and body position changes during take-offs and during the approach pattern.

In general aviation it's called "cockpit management". The idea is to eliminate all that is unnecessary from the complex launch and landing tasks. In hang gliding, most pilots recognize this to some degree by unzipping and getting out of their harnesses early before landing, but conservative pilots take it even further by optimizing hand and body positions and managing a safe and consistant angle of attack throughout the entire approach.

Also, consider getting your equipment maintenance up to date. Bi-annual chute repacks and annual glider inspections will provide peace of mind when flying.

Finally, I'd like to try using the safety category to discuss any topics that pilots feel will be useful. You can simply post discussions on this forum and I'll try to contribute or you can more quickly reach me at and I'll respond on the forum or in an email if you wish.

Fly happy and safely
joe G

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