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Phill Bloom

Post by Vrezh » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:59 am

Our Phill was flying an international comp,
and doing quite well.
Phill, you make all of us very proud, good flying, bud!!!

I found out from OZ Reports. ... f2fbdc543f
You may have already seen this:
Phill Bloom <<phillipbloom>> writes:

Kip Stone and I were the American team, with people from nine different countries, they also had a sport class, maybe 50 pilots total. It was great fun, and so nice to travel and rent a glider take your harness only. Tom Weissenberger rented to us both, RX 3.5 for me and RX 4 for Kip. Great gliders vary competitive, mine was like new. Also Jonny Nilssen has a variety of gliders to choose from beginner to intermediate. And a supper nice guy.

It was a relatively safe comp but it was a comp so you never know what you will get. One pilot had a little issue with full VG near the hill and actually flew into the mountain, ended up knocked out for a few minutes but is totally fine and back flying the next day. Also at least 2 other pilots flew under power lines, which seemed a little crazy to me, but looks like it happens quite often.

Everyone was complaining about the conditions (should have been here last week ) sort of thing, but I had a lot of fun getting to fly with top ranked pilots all week.

But the thing that really got me to write this was this. That both Manfred Ruhmer and Thomas Weissenberger were using there drogue chutes on a consistent basis. It totally surprised me, so I questioned them both about it. Manfred said that (every cross country pilot should have one and know how to use it). He was saying practice using it. Thomas said that (he uses the drag shoot about 50% of the time, it makes landings much easier and less stressful). Now just so you know this info is coming from two super talented pilots that have no problems landing a hang glider.
P.S. Looking at this photo, i couldn't tell which one of the first 3 is Phill :D :D :D

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