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Big Sur Neighbors seeking assistance

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:59 pm
by greblo
Many of you know that Windsports Soaring Center has been running annual flying trips to Big Sur (Plaskett Creek) since 1974 with each trip averaging about 50 pilots. These trips have been among our most cherished, due to the unique beauty and serenity of the Big Sur coastline and the superb memories it has provided. Many pilots argue over whether America’s most beautiful hang gliding site is Yosemite Valley, or Big Sur.

Recently Ken Andrews received an appeal from a couple of the Big Sur homeowners, for financial help with maintenance on the rapidly deteriorating road up to our Wild Cattle launch site. It seems the recent expansion of social media has made this road to our scenic launch site extremely popular with visitors from all over the country; making the road almost impassible with 2wd vehicles.

Discussion among some of our board members questioned the appropriateness of the SHGA making a donation to this cause. As a result, I’d like to propose that those of us that wish to learn more about the request, and possibly choose to donate, simply visit their Go Fund Me Page at ... er=1289814

So far, several hang glider pilots have already made generous donations, for which the local residents are extremely grateful. We’ve also suggested the possibility of the Rogollo Foundation, provide some grant money to put toward the cause.
I hope many will visit their GoFundMe page above to get more information.

Re: Big Sur Neighbors seeking assistance

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:49 pm
by greblo
Funding for the Big Sur Road Restoration Project has ground to a halt, just a couple thousand dollars short of the goal. If you've ever flow Big Sur or wish to, and you haven't made a small donation already, I hope that you will. I'm hoping we'll meet the goal and celebrate with a fly in up there this summer.

You can donate at ... orters-v5b