chad's absense

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chad's absense

Post by chadness » Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:45 pm

Hey folks,

my close nit mountain biking family has been asking one at a time, so thought I might proactively reach out to any members of our close nit hang gliding family who read this forum. I tore up my hamstring while pulling up waterskiing in July. I attempted a non surgical recovery (big mistake) for couple months and still can't jog, run, or as specific to hang gliding, launch or land unless ideal conditions. To attempt to get this capability back, I have surgery on Thursday with a donor tendon graft to be drilled into my hip bone and start a 6 month recovery period. I am warned it is a difficult surgery, but if all goes OK, I will get jogging and hopefully running back someday (ala flying).

I am writing to you all to apologize for my absence. I have always viewed our flying family as an important and valuable part of my life, flying or not. But the honest truth is that I have not been able to make my peace with my physical limitation and therefore have disengaged. I anticipate finding the mental strength to accept my reality and come out and visit in the LZ when I am able to drive to the LZ after my surgery, well in advance of being able to fly. And then I soooo much look forward to also joining the group in the sky again, hopefully about 6 months after surgery. Enjoy every flight – ya never know when some stupid non-hang gliding thing might take you out.


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Re: chad's absense

Post by Vrezh » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:42 pm

Good to hear from you, Chad!
Life happens, take it easy, and take care of yourself.
Wish you a quick recovery.
Keep us posted.
Looking forward to see you soon.

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Re: chad's absense

Post by gregangsten » Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:42 pm

Yeah, we got the bad news from Andrea. Don't act like you committed a crime, shit happens ...on a glider, on the water or on a motorcycle. Come on out once you are mobile and we all wish you the best luck with your surgery.

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