Friday again

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Friday again

Post by Vrezh » Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:08 pm

We were watching conditions develop throughout the week and Friday looking pretty darn good, so it was somewhat disappointing to see how the soarcasts downgraded this morning.
There were 3 trips to the top, couple of tandems and bunch of us.
As the day went on, the flying got better and better, never mind a little stronger than usual winds aloft (I saw 12-21) and active air.
Altitudes were gained around 6K, multiple runs between Big T and West Towers (no Lukens), so still turned out to be as good as predicted earlier...

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 31, looks even better.

If I don't wake up in the morning still too tired (from today's 3+ hours of wrestling) and it still looks good on the computer screen, I might come again and join the party.
I don't do reports for weekends, because most everybody is out and flying anyway, but it sure would be nice to see you too guys telling us, who didn't fly, how it was.

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Post by JD » Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:54 pm

How about an I-didn't-fly report? I didn't get above 88' MSL today except for a brief climb to about 96' MSL when I reached into the cabinet over our refrigerator to get some aluminum foil and parchment paper to bake a flank steak in the oven because I was too sick to go outside and light the BBQ. At 8:45 M I did make make a quick beer run (even though I neither flew nor landed out) in time before Grimm started. Pretty episode too.

Anyhow I appreciate the flight report and I'm really glad I didn't come out to fly in all that gusty wind on my go-nowhere Falcon and my dislocated shoulder weakened arms. OTOH - I have a visiting pilot coming down from NoCal on Monday and hopefully both you and I will be out to fly with Shawn and show the world what a great club we are.

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