Wednesday, April 4

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Wednesday, April 4

Post by Vrezh » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:05 pm

Too much work.

Once again expectations didn't meet the reality.
It was apparent from the looks of it-crappy air.
I launched first and it never got better until I landed around 4:30.
Rowdy, turbulent roller coaster air, just like summer high pressure
inverted crap, only cooler temps.
I averaged about 4.3K, while Chad took it to 5.1K once.

Lots of pilots, though.

So for this day I blame on Chad. He kept sneezing, while we set up, and that, if you don't know, releases thermals prematurely.
Oh, well...

Larry sez, why bother too much with weather guesstimating. Just come out and fly, when you can, as long as you are sure it's not blowing down.
I like it.
Then again, we try to cherry pick the good days, specially with spring super conditions approaching.

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Post by chadness » Fri Apr 05, 2013 9:23 am


I liked your description of how the air made your vario sound like a mule - as you'd fly in the washing machine the closely spaced lift and sink would bring out the high pitch sound alternating with the low pitch sink alarm:)


Still a fun day though.


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