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Theairdroid app for free flight ready

Post by theairdroid » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:22 am

We have uploaded to the Google Play platform a fully operational version of our android app for free flight. It's free, does not contains advertising and you don't need internet access to use it. You don’t need an android phone with a built-in barometer neither. Theairdroid is compatible with BlueFlyVario module.

If you don't have any flight insrument at present, the reason for using theairdroid is clear: the cost of a handheld bluetooth speaker is arround 20€. If you don't have an android phone with a built-in barometer you will have to buy a BlueFlyVario module also. Even so it's four times cheaper than a mid-range commercial variometer.

If you already have a flight instument the reason for replacing it by our app are it's versatility an ease of use. The information that commercial variometers show on the screen is too compressed and difficult to read. To read it your have to divert attention from your fliying enviroment an that's why they aren't effective.

Our app provides you with all the information you need when you need it while flying through a handheld speaker so you won't even need a cockpit.

Theairdroid will also guide you when to increase or decrease your speed to adjust it to the optimum flight speed obtained from your glider polar curve. This functionality is only available in high-end commercial flight instruments and it's of great importance to non competition pilots too.

We have changed our subscription policy to avoid storing email adresses of our subscribers. Now you can follow us on facebook or twitter and stay tuned.

Thanks for your interest.
Aitor Castro
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