High Day in July

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Greg Kendall
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High Day in July

Post by Greg Kendall » Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:20 pm

Really high days in July are pretty rare at Kagel. I can think of two. The second one was Friday 7/6/18. The heat (and presumably employment) kept everyone away and there were only three flights. I had looked at the forecast and decided to extend my vacation by one day. I had just returned from the heat wave on the East coast.

Jim Delear got the highest at 14k plus. Andy Beam got to 7k plus when his passenger started to get a little green. I got to 11,600 on my way to Mt. Gleason and over the back. I had big xc plans, but, short story shorter, I sank out and landed in a big farm field (N34°26.100’ W117°49.900’). Jay Devorak was nice enough to drive out and get me.

I had elected to go over the back because the forecast looked good for that and I saw smoke to the East along the front range. As it turned out, the desert, while not exactly cool, was cooler than Sylmar and the smoke was from a fire well past Crestline. Fly and learn.

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Post by jdelear » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:12 am

I want to mention how accurate the forecast Cutter’s Call was, the altitude forecast accurate, 14,200 was the highest I’ve ever been at Kagel, and the buoyant lines north of the mountains that showed up on the computer program were accurate as well, it was buoyant north of West Towers and Canyon Country, and the other sweet spot was back of Kagel. I didn’t get below 8000 for the next two hours after I milked the first big climb to 14,200.

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