Regarding weather

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Regarding weather

Post by jdevorak » Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:32 am

Many pilots use the weather forecasting system to decide whether to fly or to estimate how good (or bad) the day will be. The predictors are calculated using several parameters like temperature, moisture content and atmospheric pressure. The mathematical models, of which there are several, give differing predictions. For example the GFS (Global Forecasting System) is an older model created back when computers were slower. It has a lower resolution and is usually more optimistic. It does looks further into the future, however. The NAM (North American Model) has better resolution and is often more pessimistic. But, it only looks a few days out. The RAP takes the most current soundings but only gives predictions about 12 hours out. There are several other models one can use.
Looking at the different predictions, a pilot cannot but wonder which one to go by. Larry Bunner was our weather man here in Texas giving advice to the task committee. The storm cells were scattered and developed so rapidly that they often out stripped the prevailing winds. One day we had storms on a couple sides of us and it was hard to pick a direction for the day’s task. Larry got some advice from Gary Osoba, who knows more about the weather than the weathermen. Gary said to use the LOTWS model. Larry, who had never heard of it, asked which one that was. Gary said, “Look Out The Window Stupid�.
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Re: Regarding weather

Post by JD » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:49 pm

jdevorak wrote:....LOTWS....
Loads Of Theoretical Weather Shit.

Thanks for the reports Jay. Always an enjoyable read. I can hardly wait for SCFR 2016 and more from our embedded correspondent.

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