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Post by Ken Andrews » Tue May 22, 2012 9:26 am

Rome Dodson says:

Shame, shame on SHGA! Do you know only the Sheriff, USFS and SHGA have access to the road? Do you know how we get that privilege? Well, we earned it by being good stewards to the forest. For 20 years we've collected couches, mattresses and other debris and hauled it down to dumpsters. We’ve put up the fences on top and we've picked up tiny trash to save the condors.

When the Forest Service says jump we say how high. The USFS engineered the road perfectly, and every bump and hump has a USFS drain above it.

The ditches in the road are our fault, for not keeping the drains open. It only takes a few minutes to clean away brush and sand. The next rains could make the road so bad they could be closed. So it behooves us to spend a little time clearing the drains. I have marked some drains with red ribbon and left a shovel on top (please do not bring the shovel down).

Several of the wooden posts in the wire fence have rotted out and I am bracing them up. Darrell and I have fixed several drains and he has brought most of the sandbags up, but we need more. The USFS does not have money to do the work, and if they do close the road it’s our own damn fault!

When the rains come this might be our last summer at Kagel.


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