Look here for ongoing projects and volunteer opportunities the SHGA is working on. Members may also submit any ideas they have.
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Post by Glenn » Wed Feb 07, 2007 5:45 pm

Ken's process seems absolutely required to prevent major conflict and assure the board is able to do it's fiduciary job.

A few suggestions to lubricate the process:

On Step B: Make a rough estimate of the most your project will cost and submit that. This can eliminate the extra footwork and research to get it exactly right. The board can then approve the maximum proposed or offer a new maximum, but only if the proposed one is way out of line. The BOD reimburses the actual documented costs up to the maximum approved.

The board needs to be comfortable with some risk here. Maybe the project will not be done exactly as wanted, but I think most people want to do a good job and usually will.

In the Ken example, he probably would have been comfortable proposing $170 max. without doing all the measuring and research at home depot, saving hours that would be wasted if it was not approved. He could have walked into the shed looked around and said, "I know I can do this for $170". His preproposal homework is done.

Step C: Tell us how to present proposals to the BOD easily and directly. Such as a suggestion box (maybe the current dues-pipe). Where do we send proposals via email so they get BOD attention at the next meeting? I actually want to skip the middle man and get it straight to the group decision without having to find and involve any single BOD member. I live an hour away. Driving that just to hand a proposal to a BOD member who may not be there when I get there is a bummer.

I think these are two of the main obstacles to getting more participation, in addition to the main one which is that most members don't want to step on any toes and do something someone may bitch about because it's not the best answer. I want to get approval from the board and then just go do it. Very little of this stuff is "JPL going to Mars" type planning so let people do it even if it's not the cheapest or the best possible. There may be some misfires, but most of these jobs need redone repeatedly anyway and it can be improved the next time around.

The other process steps are already easy. Thanks Ken.

ps: How do we get more people to read this board, so we can get their help. The membership is much larger than the traffic here. Reminder to members via email? Note on the gazebo?

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