More discussion would be nice

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More discussion would be nice

Post by gregangsten » Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:59 pm

Since this whole topic has been dead for so long (and work is slow), I'm posting some very mundane information for the hell of it. I think it would be good if people would post more routine reports here, if only to let people know how conditions have been. Evidently everyone is waiting until they break a record before they consider it worthy.

Last Saturday was actually pretty good, if you were lucky. Dennis launched around noon I think in his paraglider and went right up. Didn't take long before he was heading to West Towers high. I waited for the 2 tandems to go, and then when they didn't soar much at all and landed quickly, I thought maybe things had flattened out so I didn't launch and waited for it to heat up some more. Then around 1 I noticed Dennis' paraglider coming back high again and realized I was being dumb. Never give much credence to a tandem, they're at work.

I launched and got up easily, eventually getting over 5100. Conditions seemed so good and I had the altitude so I figured I had to go East, old man. I got there OK but struggled down the whole ridge, not getting enough to climb out and eventually threw in the towel to land in the wash. I'd never landed the Gecko in there so it was worth it just for that. Usually I do the left hand approach over the wires but this time thought I'd try the RH approach, wrapped around Jonesey's tree and had a nice landing about a third of the way down the runway. The surface was nice there, better than at the far end, so I thought I'd pass on the word that the wash is quite landable these days, no real obstacles but best if you stay near the east end.

Packing up I watched Dennis fly overhead on his way to Lukens to rub it in. He never returned though, must have had an Uber retrieve. I was caught in the same odd mid-day flush that everyone back in the LZ was griping about. Later it turned on again for awhile, oddly enough.

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Re: More discussion would be nice

Post by filthy » Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:19 pm

So Tuesday the 26th Greblo and I duked it out wing tip to wing tip. Saw 4500" went to the 1500 and trash on falcons and had a blast. BTW I spanked him around like an ( ugly redheaded stepchild). LOL P.S. No offense Chippy. (:

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Re: More discussion would be nice

Post by Vrezh » Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:49 pm

I spanked him around
You must've been on a falcon 420, then :wink:

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Re: More discussion would be nice

Post by Greg Kendall » Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:47 pm

Sunday had a great looking forecast with light winds. It blew in pretty strong in the early afternoon, but then backed way off with most people launching in nil wind. I got a good climb with JD over launch and headed East. I hooked up with Chippy over Lukens and we climbed out to 10,500 ft. Chippy had a commitment and couldn’t go XC, so I headed East on my own. I actually came in over the towers at Wilson. Usually I’m lower there and give the towers a lot of clearance because, well, they’re scary. This time I climbed out right over the tops of them, to just under 11k. The Crestline option looked better than it ever has. I had plenty of altitude to just glide right over the usually crappy area around the San Gabriel River. But then the thought of a long wait at AJX and a long ride back on a Sunday night eroded my enthusiasm and the haze toward home convinced me that it was blowing in and safe. I headed back West. I still had 7,500 ft when I got to Lukens. There was lots of lift, but I didn’t turn in it, mostly because I wanted my hands to thaw out. I hit nothing over Big T, so I didn’t turn there either. Crossing over to Lances, I hit a light headwind and some sink. Also, I didn’t see anyone still in the air. I had misread the haze. I came over Lances with about 300 ft, but that didn’t feel high this time. I went straight to the LZ, made one 360 (the first since leaving Wilson), and landed to the North. I probably should have done more with such a booming day. Oh well.

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