cleaning hard drive - 2016 footage

Links to flying related videos.
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cleaning hard drive - 2016 footage

Post by chadness » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:46 am

I pulled a few clips before deleting the hard drive:

0:0 - starts out with two views of a launch to a flight that begins with some wire slaps
1:25 - how quickly two gliders can separate in the big sky
1:40 - a landing from side view
2:25 - stuck VG, trying to shake it through
2:57 - gaggle flying
3:33 - glass off gliding with another
5:08 - a middle T thermal with another
6:20 - another no wind landing with camera on down tube
7:34 - beautiful and clear view to the north

BTW: I enjoyed a rather complete tear of my hamstring waterskiing in late July. Now weeks later I can walk again with some pain. Doing all I can to heal and get back to flying and stuff. Next goal = slow jogging.

Chad Margolin

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