Vario Clinic by Zac Majors on Saturday

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Vario Clinic by Zac Majors on Saturday

Post by mario » Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:17 am

posting this for Zac:

Hello Pilots!

I'd like to do the Vario Clinic this Saturday, February 1st.

We'll meet at:
Carl's Jr.
4424 University Parkway San Bernardino, CA 92407
Plan to indulge in some fast food. I'll be eating the Beyond Famous Star w/cheese (a delicious veggie burger- you can even get it with bacon!)

I'd like to start at 5pm, but the time is flexible. Right now, it seems like it won't be flyable Saturday, but Sunday will be. My plan is to set a task for Sunday at AJX as an opportunity to implement some of what we learn in the Clinic. I'm open to input, though I know that I can't cater to everyone, sorry.

We will be learning about how to customize the instruments for optimum efficiency. How to set tasks (routes), and use the instruments to start a race and navigate. We will discuss maps/airspace and waypoints (and install them if possible). I will make my settings available (I can send them to you individually before the clinic, or install them there). If anyone needs firmware updates, we can meet early to install them.

I'm prepared to help with the Flytec line, with emphasis on the 6030 and Blade/Oudi4. I also have experience with the Digifly and will bone up on that instrument as well.

Feel free to reply with any questions you can think of so I can be better prepared.

Please RSVP to with your instrument and current firmware (I can help if you don't know how to find that). Share this invitation with anyone you think might benefit, especially those pilots with aspirations to start competing.

Thanks for your support as I get myself established here in San Bernardino.

Zac Majors

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