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Glider Storage Containers

SHGA has a limited number of on-site glider storage spaces that are available to club members. For those who choose to use the storage, an assessment will be collected in combination with membership dues. Just like snowflakes, no two spaces are exactly alike, and some of those differences are reflected in their assessments. Step stools are located at each storage box so make it easier to reach the top row.

Current availability

The following diagrams show the storage spaces and their assessments. Those in bright colors are available; plase contact the storage manager for details.

West Box (Box A)

East Box (Box B)


Under Pavilion (Box C1)


Under Pavilion (Box C2)


Under Pavilion (Box C4)


Under Pavilion (Box C5)



Full Open Assessment
----    $150/year, $25/month
----    $200/year, $25/month
----    $220/year, $25/month
----    $240/year, $30/month
----    $250/year, $30/month

West box (Box A)
The west box is the cheapest option. The rate depends on the length of tenancy, and is $200/year, or $25/month. Annual storage in the top row is only $150/year, but normal people will need to use the step stool to reach these spots. Storage in this box is cheapest because the slots are narrow (12" diameter) and can be a tight fit for those fat gliders. Also the supports are tubes cut in half. The glider doesn't have as much protection, but the units are individually locked and you don't have to move somebody else's glider to get to yours. The west box opens on the north side towards the lawn. This means you have to put your glider away in the dark after you get back from that long road trip. On the other hand, if you fly Kagel you don't have to walk as far to put your glider away.

East box (Box B)
The top row of spaces in the East box cost $200/year, or $25/month. All the other spaces cost $240/year, or $30/month. Each glider is fully enclosed in a large tube (14" diameter) that makes it easy to slide in and out. Spaces in the top row can accept long tandem gliders, but are more difficult to reach. The doors open to the south so you can use your car headlights for illumination at night.

Storage under the pavilion (Box C)
There are currently 38 storage spaces under the pavilion. All have tight-fitting doors for the best protection from weather and animals. Most have extra large tubes 15" in diameter, but the four spaces on the right side of Box C2 have smaller 12" diameter tubes. Most tubes are 20 feet long, but those on the right side of Box C2 and in Box C5 are only 18 feet long (not long enough for most single surface gliders). The spaces in Boxes C1 and C2 are especially convenient after a day of flying, but are not as accessible from the parking lot. Prices are based on a combination of convenience, tube diameter, and length, and are as listed above.

All storage spaces
There are some things that are common to all storage units. You have to sign an agreement, which specifies the terms of use (you give up your right to sue the Club for injury or loss). Assessments are payable in advance, and in association with membership.

To insure prompt acknowledgment, it is best NOT to put your check in the drop box. Complete payment information is contained in the notice. The Club is authorized to withhold possession of the glider until past due fees are paid. You are responsible to close and lock the outer doors if you MIGHT be the last pilot using the container that day. Glider storage is available to SHGA members only, since we are not a commercial self-storage facility. You cannot sublease your space. Also the Manager is not authorized to demand or receive any money or compensation other than the normal storage fees and late fees.

Click the images below to enlarge.

Boxes West box East box
Pavilion C1 and C2 Pavilion C4 and C5

Glider Storage Contracts
West box
East box (top row)
East box (other rows)
Under pavilion

Glider Storage Manager:
Jay Devorak
(818) 633-4668 (cell)

Send payments to:
Jay Devorak
PO Box 920861
Sylmar, CA 91392-0861

PayPal payments may also be made by sending money to . To ensure that you get credit for the payment, please forward your PayPal receipt to Jay by and tell him what it's for.


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