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It is important to check any local airspace closures BEFORE flying. Do not rely on your friends, instructor or SHGA to provide this information to you — it is your responsibility as a pilot. Below is a brief description of each term and a link to the FAA Web site listing such closures.

NOTAMs: Notices to Airmen - Notices about air space closures, restrictions, hazards and air operations.

TFRs: Temporary Flight Restrictions - Such as airspace closures due to presidential trips, fires, etc. You should check these every time before flying. A TFR is a type of NOTAM.

Los Angeles and surrounding areas
San Diego and surrounding areas

Santa Barbara and surrounding areas

The TFR Map page shows all active TFR's for the area on the page. Each TFR is circled in red and indicates the radius for the TFR. Detailed information is available once you click on the map. The detailed information is towards the bottom of the page and is listed in reverse chronological order, so the most recent are at the top.

Full TFR List


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