Kagel PTZ Camera

Weather Underground PWS KCACALIF63

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LZ Web Cam

This image will update every five minutes from 6 AM until 30 minutes after sunset. It will be here whenever the WhackCam is operational. From 6 AM to 2 PM, the camera will normally be pointed at the windsock. The camera is available to users for control between 8 AM and 1:58 PM, so the camera may not always be pointed at the windsock between those hours. If it is not pointed at the windsock, you can control the camera by logging into the camera. The user name and password is in the members area of the website. At 2 PM, the camera should automatically slew to the LZ and begin recording landings until 5:30 PM. Pan-tilt-zoom control is not available to users after 2 PM.

LZ Weather Station

There is a weather station installed over the glider storage containers in the LZ, and its information is available from Weather Underground here.

Current weather at several local mountain tops is available here.


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