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Landing Conflicts Avoided using Radio Communication

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:36 am
by BudRob
Have you ever been a few turns away from landing and suddenly seen someone else very near you who you hadn't noticed before? Suddenly your whole landing plan has to be rethought in a big hurry. And you ask yourself, "Why didn't I see this other pilot before?"or "Does this other pilot even see me?"

It isn't easy to scan the entire sky for other pilots while trying to concentrate on setting up a landing pattern. The task of spotting others in the pattern, or coming into it, becomes a whole lot easier if you know someone else is there, or is going to be there soon.

So, I am requesting all pilots who have a radio to announce their landing intentions as soon as they cross the Gavina bridge. If you are coming in low, and need a priority landing, please announce it ASAP. This gives those in the pattern a chance to float around and delay their landings until the lower person lands.

This is the same procedure used for non-tower controlled airports. Pilots approaching the landing field announce their intention to land and report their positions, which tells other pilots that there is someone else to look out for.

I believe that landing conflicts present a significant safety risk to our pilots and we need to take a proactive approach wherever we can.

It Works!

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:01 pm
by JD
Philldor and I discussed implementation of the new landing pattern radio etiquette as we climbed out this afternoon and then we put it to the test a few minutes later (because it was an overcast day). Since our conversation was rather bland I replaced it with some trip hop music from Glen Porter. But seriously, I called my intention from 2,200' MSL after I crossed Gavina St and Phill informed me that he was right behind me. If you don't have a 2-meter radio license please study for the exam and get your call sign so it's all legal. Now enjoy a little Prop 64 indulgence while you relax and watch.