How many Sylmar Hang Gliding are there?...

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How many Sylmar Hang Gliding are there?...

Post by Vrezh » Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:41 pm

How many Sylmar Hang Gliding Association. com-s are there you think?
Well, Google it!
The old site is still there. Even Windsports' SHGA link will take you there.
It has the picture of my glider on the first page, which I like of course, but looks like the world has no way to tell the two apart, since there are posts dated March' 06.
Will someone fix it?(Please)

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Might not be "completely" fixable

Post by Chip » Tue May 30, 2006 8:52 pm

Will someone fix it?(Please)
In a sense, it is fixed. and will send you to our new web page.

However search engines such as yahoo & google will search and index sites that have SHGA anywhere on the page unless the site owner or web designer stops that kind of web crawling in the coding of the site.

When it comes to links on someone elses page (like WindSports), it's up to the owner of the site (the site that has the links pointed in the wrong direction) to keep the links up to date. In the case of Windsports I found 2 links (one on the staff page and one on the FAQ page at the bottom) that still point to the old site. I can only assume that this was before the club registered and

In those cases the shga administrator MAY contact the owner of the site and ask them to update the links, but the owner is under no obligation to do so.

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