How to Insert photos in Postings

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How to Insert photos in Postings

Post by SHGA Communications » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:31 pm

--SHGA H-3 Courtney Beavers of Lancaster, TN, courtesy of Chris Smith's photo gallery

It's easy to include a photograph in a posting, and is especially useful in "for sale" ads. However, the forum software cannot access a picture from your home computer. It must be available on the Internet first.

There are many ways to upload pictures to the Net. One is to use a free hosting service such as This facility provides specific shortcuts for posting your own pictures to any forum.

Once a picture is uploaded to the Net, click "Properties" and copy its URL. (The URL for the picture above is this: )

Paste the URL into the forum message you are composing.

Highlight the URL and click "IMG" ("IMG" appears over the box in which you compose messages).

Click preview to see how it looks. Tweak until satisfied.

If you have a problem, post here for help.

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