Victor Airway Encounter - Saturday

Please tell what happened and how it might have been avoided. Names should be ommitted. This forum should help others learn from mistakes that caused or nearly caused a mishap.
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Victor Airway Encounter - Saturday

Post by JD » Mon Apr 11, 2022 3:29 pm

Just a friendly reminder to be mindful of the Victor airway that runs on a 170° angle from North to South directly over the Pacoima Dam. Friday was a very good day with a tandem at 7K and 3 solo HGs from 8.5 to 10.8K in various locations.

As I crossed from Kagel toward Towers Launch at ~8550', a piston driven twin passed within and estimated 250' of me heading 170° at exactly the same altitude. Since we were not on trajectory to high-five one another I took no further action other than to note the time on my vario. Canada Hal <name?> watched my encounter with the twin though binoculars from the LZ. I was not flying with camera or may have gotten the N-number. I was curious to learn whether or not the GA pilot was able to see my fluorescent holographic reflective film on my leading edges and raked tips from a far enough distance to avoid a closer encounter. Honestly, I wish every pilot would put fluorescent film over their leading edges. More pilots have been doing this at Crestline and it makes a huge difference.

About 60 seconds later a commuter jet passed about 2000' directly below me on the same heading as the twin. 40 minutes later a passenger jet heading for Burbank passed about 500' over Camp 9. The other solo pilots both noted increased powered activity. I was able to track down the commuter jet but did not have the time to track the twin since I would have to know the takeoff or landing airport to do so.

There is a web site to report incidents like these

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