Blade vario for sale - Virtually new

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Blade vario for sale - Virtually new

Post by stebbins » Fri Jun 10, 2022 11:23 am

Hey all,

I bought a new Blade vario, which is awesome. But, I cannot see it properly, as my eyes have gotten too old. :-( I worked out a deal to swap it for a 6030, but the owner of the 6030 would rather I find a buyer for the blade. I don't know the price, I'm just the middleman. BUT, he's certainly willing to sell it as used, even though it has exactly three flights on it right now. Likely four before I send it back, as I plan on flying tomorrow. It is the same model as Owen Morse used when he set the Out and Return World Record a while back!

It is a cool device, and I wish I could keep it, but I cannot.

If you are interested, email me or call me (or I'll be at Kagel Sat, 6/11/22):

George Stebbins

Or, you can call Steve Kroop at Flytec USA: 321-773-2307
Note that that's in Florida, so be aware of the time difference.

Thank you!

Oh, I almost forgot - If you make a deal with Steve before I send it back, you can have the memory expansion card I bought thrown in for free.
Fly High; Fly Far; Fly Safe -- George

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