What social “events” would you like now??

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What social “events” would you like now??

Post by Frederick » Wed Feb 10, 2021 6:54 pm

Hello flyers and outdoor enthusiasts!

It’s been such an altered state during this pandemic...normal social activities canceled, etc. (My dog and I are way too close now, 11 mos of 24x7!)

Got some bright ideas of other things we could do as a club to boost the social aspects of it in Covid safety compliant ways??

Please share them, in replies to this Topic post!

So far, we’ve done things folks have thought of — having more stuff around for BBQing, movie nights. Is there more we could do this year, while we’re in pandemic? What else would you like? Would your visiting friends/family like?

What would make a visit to the flight park nicer, or more exciting?
What would make for more-satisfying connections with other live humans while at the flight park (Covid safely of course)?
What else?

I hope you’re staying safe and sane until we get past all this!

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