General information for renting storage at Sylmar Flight Park

  • Membership: You must be a current SHGA member in good standing.
  • Cost: Fees are paid annually. Just like snowflakes, no two spaces are exactly alike, and some of those differences are reflected in their prices, so review the purchase options on this site and check out the storage bins in person BEFORE buying.
  • Payment: Please purchase your HG storage here. Select your preferred bin/location from the available options and complete your purchase.
  • Liability: The Sylmar Hang Gliding Association cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of property that is placed in the storage containers.  Pilots are storing their equipment at their own risk.  Any pilot storing equipment in the storage containers acknowledges this liability statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an SHGA member to participate?

Yes. Only SHGA full members are eligible to purchase glider storage.

What do I get when I purchase storage?

Purchase of glider storage entitles the purchaser to a storage bin capable of holding 1 hang glider (standard size) for one year from the date of purchase.

How do I choose a shelf?

Please visit the Sylmar Flight Park before selecting a shelf so that you can choose a storage bin that works well for you. You can then visit the website and select from the available options (if a bin is in-use or otherwise occupied, it will not be available for selection).

I am short. Will I be able to reach the top shelves?

As in many things, “it depends.” However, there are step stools located at each storage box to make it easier to reach the top rows. Best to visit the Sylmar Flight Park before selecting a bin to make sure getting gear in and out will be practical for you.

Are all bins the same and the same size?

Nope! The following outlines some of the differences between the different storage options.


  • The west box (Box A) is the cheapest option since the slots are narrow (12″ diameter) and can be a tight fit for fat gliders. Also, the support tubes are cut in half. Doors open to the north towards the lawn so you might be putting your glider away in the dark after you get back from that long road trip.
  • In the east box (Box B), each glider is fully enclosed in a large tube (14″ diameter) which makes it easy to slide gliders in and out. Spaces in the top row can accept long tandem gliders. Doors open to the south so you can use your car headlights for illumination at night.
  • The bins under the pavilion (Box C) all have tight-fitting doors for the best protection from weather and animals. Most have extra large tubes (15″ diameter) but the 4 spaces on the right side of Box C2 have smaller 12″ diameter tubes. Most tubes are 20 feet long, but those on the right side of Box C2 and in Box C5 are only 18 feet long (not long enough for most single surface gliders).