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Doug Martens
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Bob, The forum used before this last forum was restored at some point. I am looking for the link.

This forum for the last 20 years can be accessed somewhat to wayback machine.


Post by Frederick » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:36 pm

The club is registered with Smile.Amazon.com!!

We’ve gotten $444 from Amazon so far! The checks come quarterly.

Did you know that Amazon will give 0.5% of your purchases to the non-profit of your choice? We’ve gotten $444.60 from the 22 people choosing us as their non-profit charity, to date.

Here’s how it works:
* You make your purchases via Smile.Amazon.com (exactly the same as Amazon.com)
* The first time you go to Smile.Amazon.com, you specify Sylmar Hang Gliding Association as your charity

Please support the club this way! If you’re buying from Amazon, you may as well buy via Smile.Amazon.com to get this Amazon Smile Foundation money directed to us.” end example.



What happened is the story line became dated, ufos are real, BobK will never rejoin USHPA because it would damage his brand. The new shga web page moves us into the future with the Olympics and the harsh reality that an AI tandem instructor will take over. The webpage looks and performs well and we look into the future. Right now we are looking at the mining industry to provide ushawks with a Sylmar flying site from the Volcano to Dino’s triangle that does not require ushpa “natural” monopoly insurance. (looking to buy the land). And a Rancho Palos Verdes hang/paragliding site to augment California Olympic revenue via tourism.