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Hello Doug,

Thanks for the link to archive.org (the “Wayback Machine”). That’s a great site and I’ve used it many times in the past. But they do not do a “deep dive” into most web sites that they archive. For example, if you follow your link, you will end up here:


That’s a snapshot of that page on May 15, 2021. Now if you click on the “Board index“, it will take you to the top of the forum (on May 15, 2021). So far, so good. Now if you scroll down and click on the “Politics of flying” subforum, it will take you to that subforum. That page is also there. But then, if you click on “Appeal to USHPA Region 3 Director Ken Andrews“, you will get an error page even though the topic title states that there should be 7 replies and 3102 views. The site is full of holes like that where a few top level pages may be stored, but most of it is simply not there. The same is true with almost all other topics. These are just a few example topics from the “General Discussion” forum that are not there:

“Yosemite this summer. Save the date, as they say.”
“Christa Percival’s Going Away gathering”
“Bates Beach”
“Launch Weather Station”

The list of missing topics goes on and on. I haven’t done a thorough study, but I suspect that the vast majority of the content is simply not there.

So while I very much like archive.org, and I applaud their mission, they simply can’t keep up with all of the pages being produced on the modern Internet.

So once again, I ask that the previous web site be restored at its previous location:

https://shga.com/forum/ . . .

This does not conflict with the current location:

https://shga.com/forums/ . . .

I hope you (and everyone else) will support a restoration of the original forum (even temporarily) so it can be properly archived.

Thank you.