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    The new website looks great.  Very nice job.

    A note to others; I had an issue making the switch (of my own making).  My old website e-mail/password was different from the pair I was using on the old forum.  The new software standardized on the website username/password.

    Have fun/fly safe,




    To add to Alan’s comment, there is a forum post (which is “stickied” to the top for now in yellow) describing this process here. There is also a similar hint on the homepage (right under the weather info).

    Your email address and some other account info were carried over from the old site, but your passwords were NOT. You will have to reset your password on this new site in order to use your account. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Wow! Restricted HTML instead of BBCODE!

    FYI, I get an error message stating: “Failed to initialize plugin: wplink”.

    Since this is my first attempt to post on the new forum, I won’t know if it’s a problem (or not) until I press “Submit”.


    Update: The post appears to have worked despite the error message.

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