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    Greg Angsten
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    Arthur is planning to be monitoring launches at Yosemite July 20 and 21 and suggests a club trip for that weekend. Let’s do it. Worst case (aside from a wildfire) is we camp at the “Snow Play lot” just outside the Wawona gate. Much better if we can get a few sites at Bridalveil Creek Campground. These sites open for reservations on a revolving basis 2 weeks before the first night you want there. See here and here. This campground is no longer available on a first come first served basis.

    I suggest that if you can go early, do that and try to reserve a site a few days before, like Wednesday or Thursday since the people who can will and they will have their sites through the weekend. In other words, 2 weeks before Wednesday July 17th, for example, (that would be July 3) someone will be on his computer ready to pounce at exactly 7AM and grab a site through the 21st. Any one who can from our club should be that guy as I think that will be the only hope to grab sites. The more people we have at that 7AM opening with their index finger poised above their mouse, the better our chances. There is at least one group site that should be opening so we can shoot for that also, though I’m told that Boy Scouts seem to magically get that site most of the time.

    Remember, you must be a Hang 4 to fly Yosemite (no PGs), though of course non-pilot family & friends are welcome to join us for the weekend. If you have never been there for a club trip I can tell you it is a great time and I expect it will be better this year than in the recent past since the reservation system for park visitors will keep the crowds manageable and more like the old days. We fly early in the morning and spend the rest of the day floating down the river. I’ll be bringing my boat and they are also available to rent.

    Arthur Simoneau
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    Actually it will be Friday-Sunday, July 19-21.

    It will not show on the calendar for a week but sign up anyway (https://www.yosemitehg.org/calendar) so that you have first options on flying. There aren’t any other trips on the calendar so I would expect this to fill up quickly.

    BTW: Having a confirmation for flying gives you a reservation to get into Yosemite with their new rules requiring either reservations or lodging confirmation.


    Thanks for organizing this, Arthur. I’m all signed up and looking forward to it!

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